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Voices of Hawai'i 2 by Jane Marshall Goodsill

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In this second volume of her unique oral history anthology of the Islands, Jane Marshall Goodsill shares the stories of those who perpetuate the traditions of the Aloha State―kumu hula and pā‘u riders, surfers and scientists, artisans and craftspeople, soldiers and builders, farmers and foresters, and so many others. Each of them has a fascinating tale to tell, from the battlegrounds of old Hawai‘i to the golden age of Waikīkī to the seminal years of the 20th century Hawaiian Renaissance.

For Jane Marshall Goodsill, 
Voices of Hawai‘i began as a labor of love. A kama‘āina accomplished in the art of oral history, she began interviewing Island residents who had known her late father, a partner in a venerable Honolulu law firm. But avocation soon became vocation, and these dialogues snowballed into a collection of more than 75 interviews extending far beyond her family’s circle and capturing a wide swath of Island life.

Voices of Hawai‘i―Volume Two: Preserving Island Culture One Story at a Time adds more than 50 new interviewees to Goodsill’s impressive roster of participants. The 216-page hardcover book explores the natural world and the vibrant arts and culture of the Islands, branching out from the O‘ahu-centric interviews of Volume One to include stories of Hawai‘i Island, offering a different flavor to this new volume. Goodsill skillfully weaves together the diverse narratives into thematic arcs, carefully curating from hundreds of hours of recording. As she notes, “Writing a book like this often feels like having a whale by the tail! I experience a sense of wonder at some point in each interview and it is my job to bring that magic to light. The process of collaboration is stimulating, but it is the content of what people share with me that is so tender.”

Contributors include:

Dee Balfour • Billy Bergin • Patricia Bergin • Bobby Camara • David Carlson • Allen Chong • Gerry DeBenedetti • John De Fries III • Frank De Lima • David Kāwika Eyre • David Gomes • Andres Harnisch • Fred Hemmings • Geraldine Herbert • Roen McDonald Hufford • Milton I • Irving Jenkins • Earl Kawa‘a • Kimo Keaulana • Karen Kuckhan Kehl • Tai Lake • Libert Landgraf • Lorna Larsen-Jeyte • Karen Lau Lee • Rose Lee • Rich Matsuda • Thor Minnick • Robert Mist • Ralph Moberly • Ku‘uipo Morales • James Nakata • Henry Ng Lee • Barbara Nobriga • Marvin Puakea Nogelmeier • Brook Parker • Barton Potter • Cynthia Punihaole • Nina Keali‘iwahamana Rapozo • Joe Recca • Kilin Reece • Dede Reiplinger • Theodore Sakai • Carole Sakata • Rick San Nicolas • Steve Siegfried • Cha Thompson • Pomaika‘i Toledo • Joseph Curtis Tyler III • Suzanne Vares-Lum • Dean Wilhelm • Michele Wilhelm • David Yearian • Tim Yee • Dave Young